Insurance Claim

For travel incidents, breakdowns or repatriations, please call the following number:

+41 848 801 803

Available 24/7

For claims notifications and questions about claims processing, please contact us directly:

Feldmoos 1
8832 Wollerau

Tel.: +41 31 914 41 44

We will then forward the claim report directly to ERV, which will process the claim.

When reporting a claim, we should have the following information from you to ensure fast processing:
For rescue costs:
  • The statement of benefits from the health insurance company
  • Invoice of the transport
  • Bank account details
For cancellation costs:
  • Travel documents (cancellation invoice and booking confirmation with the organiser's travel conditions)
  • Medical certificate/death certificate/other documents
  • Medical certificate (from a reclaim of 2000.-)
  • Bank account details
In the event of loss or delay of baggage:
  • Proof that the baggage has been checked in
  • Confirmation from the transport company
  • Vouchers/receipts
  • Invoice for the journey
  • Repair invoice or cost estimate
  • Bank account details
In the event of travel incidents:
  • Medical certificate/ death certificate/ other confirmations
  • Booking confirmation from the tour operator
  • Detailed list of expenses or claim
  • Receipts
  • Bank account details

Please always provide us with your full details including name, address and policy number.