Examples of insurance claims

Our support when you need it. Here are some examples of how the SOS 144 Rescue Card protects you financially in the event of rescues, repatriations or cancellation costs and during vacations.

SOS 144

Weakness in the garden

While gardening at home, reto suffers a fainting spell. His wife calls 144 and an ambulance takes reto to the nearest hospital for a check-up.

Statement of costs
Ambulance transport to hospital CHF 1'350
Total costs CHF 1'350
Assumption of costs basic insurance CHF 500
Assumption of costs SOS 144 CHF 850
Deductible Reto CHF 0

Without SOS 144 insurance, Reto would have had to pay 850 francs for his ambulance transport. Since Reto is insured with SOS 144, he uses the money he saves to buy a robotic lawnmower.

SOS 144 Plus

Rescue helicopter in Mexico

While on holiday in Mexico, Martin crashes his mountain bike and suffers serious head injuries. He is flown to the nearest hospital by rescue helicopter. After initial treatment, the doctors order him to be repatriated to Switzerland.

Statement of costs
Rescue operation with the rescue helicopter CHF 6'000
Repatriation to Switzerland by ambulance jet CHF 120'050
Total costs CHF 126'050
Costs covered by mandatory health insurance CHF 29'640
Costs covered by SOS 144 CHF 96'410
Deductible Martin CHF 0

Without the SOS 144 insurance, Martin would have had to pay almost CHF 100,000 for his rescue and repatriation to Switzerland himself. Thanks to the insurance, Martin has no existential financial worries after his recovery.

SOS Protect Plus

Heart attack before the holidays

Claudia suffers a mild heart attack two days before leaving on her long-planned trip to the Maldives. She therefore needs a rescue helicopter and is unable to start her trip. She has to cancel her flights and hotel.

Statement of costs
Rescue by helicopter CHF 3'400
Cancellation costs for Claudia and her husband CHF 9'100
Total costs CHF 12'500
Costs covered by mandatory health insurance CHF 1'700
Rescue helicopter costs covered by SOS 144 CHF 1'700
Cancellation costs covered by SOS 144 CHF 9'100
Deductible Claudia CHF 0

Without the SOS 144 rescue card, Claudia would have had to pay over CHF 10,000 herself. As Claudia is insured with SOS 144, she can still afford to go on holiday after her recovery.