About us

Why do we exist?

After a rescue, many people are completely flabbergasted when they receive the bill from the ambulance or rescue helicopter. This is because these amounts are often between 900 and 5,000 francs – which can tear a big hole in the household budget, as many people assume that the rescue costs will always be covered in full by health insurance or accident insurance. There are also many myths in connection with rescue helicopters and the corresponding assumption of costs.

We have made it our mission to offer you an uncomplicated, affordable and complete insurance solution for rescue costs. As all of us love travelling, we wanted to combine rescue cover with travel insurance. For us, this is the perfect solution, as many travel insurance policies do not usually cover rescue costs in Switzerland – but SOS 144 does. That's why we are happy to back our offer, which covers all means of rescue across all countries, worldwide.

Our mission is to sensitise you to the topic of rescue costs so that you are not surprised by rescue costs but do not have to worry about your savings if worst comes to worst.

"Innovation, customer satisfaction and financial security for you are at the centre of everything we do. We work every day to exceed your expectations and offer you security. In doing so, we focus on progressive and holistic insurance solutions and first-class service."

Florian Obrist
Head of Insurance

What we stand for

Customer excellence

It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us – you are at the centre. In addition to digital options, you can always talk to us in person. We always have an open ear for you and support you in choosing the right insurance solution. We handle your claims quickly and easily.


We don't just arrange your insurance, we also want to impart knowledge about the assumption of rescue costs. Our aim is to inform you about rescue costs so that we can save you any nasty financial surprises.

A perfect fit

You don't just want to insure the rescue costs? No problem. We can offer you comprehensive travel insurance for your next trip. We take your needs seriously and will continuously review and expand our product range based on your requirements. We also keep an eye on the market and take your feedback to heart.