Properly informed

It is important to us that we can not only provide you with comprehensive advice on the subject of rescue costs, insurance and patient transport and find a suitable insurance solution for you, but that we can also provide you with general information on the subject of patient transport and insurance. That's why you'll find some important information here on how illness and accidents are regulated in terms of cost coverage and what else you need to know.

What accident insurance pays for

In the event of an accident, accident insurance in accordance with the UVG covers the entire costs of a rescue operation if you work more than 8 hours a week. There is a gap in cover if you are not covered by occupational accident insurance and have not taken out supplementary accident insurance. This applies to you if you are a housewife or househusband, a pensioner or a student. Without supplementary insurance, 50% of the rescue costs must be borne by the patient themselves - regardless of whether an ambulance or helicopter was involved. This also applies to children as long as they are not working.

The biggest gap in cover in such cases is if you need to be repatriated from abroad. Accident insurance pays a maximum of CHF 29,640 for your repatriation from abroad; however, this can cost up to CHF 200,000 from overseas. In such cases, there are serious gaps in cover, which can not only tear a large hole in your household budget, but can also lead to existential hardship.

What health insurance pays for

In the event of illness (such as heart attacks or strokes), the compulsory basic health insurance pays for half of a rescue operation in accordance with the Health Insurance Act (KVG). The share of the compulsory health insurance is limited to CHF 5,000 per year if your life is in danger (rescue costs). If your life is not in immediate danger but you still need an ambulance, basic insurance will cover a maximum of CHF 500 per year (transport costs).

What does the SOS 144 insurance cover?

We have made it our mission to offer you an uncomplicated, affordable and complete insurance solution for rescue/transport costs. As all of us love travelling, we wanted to combine cover for rescue costs with travel insurance. For us, this is the perfect solution, as many travel insurance policies do not usually cover rescue costs in Switzerland - but SOS 144 does. That's why we are happy to back our offer, which covers all means of rescue across all countries, worldwide. However, if you are not travelling a lot, we also have our SOS144 solution, which is limited to rescue and recovery.